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The Council of Magickal Arts, Incorporated (CMA) does not release membership or buyer information to any party outside the organization.  Access to financial information is restricted to the Director of Finance and the Director of Records.  Buyer detail information is available only to the Board of Directors and the Registrar.  Buyers must provide a legal name for ticket purchases in order to protect the members of CMA.  The Board of directors of CMA or the Registrar reserves the right to require a photo ID at their discretion.

CMA is a TRUSTWAVE credit safe organization ( and meet continuing cyber security checks for the protection of buyers financial and personal information regarding transactions with CMA.

Please address any questions concerning the confidentiality of records or member information to the CMA corporate office: 888-683-4236 or

In order to ensure proper processing of your registration, please do NOT create an account above.

Secure Online Ticketing for CMA Beltane 2017



Spirit Haven Ranch

9706 Anchor Ranch Loop Road

Flatonia, Texas 78941


April 20, 2017 through April 23, 2017

Gates open at Noon on April 20, 2017

Please review the drop down boxes for tickets below.  Some entries are similar.  Please use care in selection and proofread your selections before submitting your ticket purchase to avoid errors.

There are several classes of tickets.  All pricing includes a 5% handling fee. 

  • Adult Admission Tickets (includes most members; $68.25).
  • Youth Tickets (two categories: ages 0-12 free; ages 13-17 $36.75).
  • Lifetime event access and membership (lifetime contracts or granted accounts).
  • Staff/Entertainment/Comps (must be approved in advance by a director or tickets will be refused).
  • Military (free ticket to active duty personnel only; if coming off of or currently in deployment in a conflict zone, please contact the Registrar for special information).
  • Student Tickets (age 18 and over; active post-secondary enrollment with a minimum 12 hour course load for undergraduates, or a minimum 9 hour course load or equivalent for graduate students; $55.00).

Wednesday entry:  Staff, Entertainment, Lifetime Event holders, and current and prior Directors may come onto the festival grounds beginning Wednesday at noon at no additional cost. All others (including children) are required to pay a $26.25 fee for early entry. 

Merchants are permitted to bring in one helper for free for small booths, and two helpers for free for large booths on Wednesday during setup, all others require the $26.25 early entry fee.

Electric power is extremely limited, and generally only available in reserved campsites.  Please visit CMA One upon arrival to pay for and have power turned on in your reserved site.  Generators on RVs must be of "whisper quiet" variety, and may only be run during daylight hours.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to require generators to be shut off, or require moving an RV to another area if generator noise creates a disturbance during the festival.

RV parking is assigned on a space-available basis on the festival grounds.  Locations will be determined by the Director of Member Services and/or the Director of Property and Assets, (unless in a reserved site).

****Firewood is available for sale at CMA One.  Please refer to,  and select Texas for specific restrictions on firewood movement within the state.

READ ME !!!!!!!!

PLEASE NOTE:  The ticket and membership prices listed include the 5% handling fee assessed to CMA for ticketing and payment processing.

First and last names are REQUIRED on each ticket.  Failure to provide this information will result in denial of entry at the gate.

CMA Membership Requirements

CMA Membership Requirements 

The bylaws of the Council of Magickal Arts, Incorporated (CMA) require all participants attending CMA festivals to be current members of CMA.  At Samhain 2015, the membership of CMA voted to institute a yearly membership category rather than include membership fees in the ticket price.  Please address any questions concerning member status to the Registrar: 888-683-4236 or

If you are a Lifetime Membership/Lifetime Event holder, or of you have renewed your membership after April 30, 2016, your membership is current.  Please select "Current Member" from the Membership Status dropdown, and leave the selections for membership fees at "0".

If you are not a current member, select "New/Renewing Member" from the Membership Status dropdown and select the appropriate member fee(s).  Although there are no costs associated with Youth memberships (children of active members are granted membership at no cost until the age of 18), the membership options for youth must be selected in order to complete their festival registrations.

Specialty Tickets:  Members with Lifetime Event contracts or who have been granted an equivalent status by prior Boards of Directors should use the "Special Ticket for Lifetime Event Contracts & Grants ONLY" option to register for their tickets.  Attendees participating in the Work Exchange program and those receiving comp tickets WITH PRIOR DIRECTOR APPROVAL (eg., entertainment, guest speakers) should use the "Approved Staff, Entertainment, Guests with Director Permission ONLY" option to register for their tickets.  Qualifying members who wish to take advantage of the new class of Student Tickets should use the "Student Ticket [$57.25]" option to register for their tickets.  (See below for qualifications and information on verification of student status.)

ALL attendees must have a current membership, including those accepting granted admission and all participants in the Work Exchange and Student Admission programs.  Memberships are not granted to or discounted for any adult attendees, with the exception of entertainment and invited speakers (this class of comp ticket includes a one-week non-voting membership).  Tickets will not be valid without a current membership.

If you have any questions about your membership status, or which ticket type you should select, please contact the Registrar at / 888-683-4236 BEFORE filling out this form.





Adult & Youth General Admission Tickets




Specialty Tickets




Methods to confirm your status as a current student:

Confirmation of full-time student enrollment via an email to from your official school email address with one of the following.

A URL from your institution's unrestricted web page or web directory that proves your full-time student status (minimum 12 hour course load for undergraduates, or a minimum 9 hour course load or equivalent for graduate students)

A copy of your dated registration receipt, class schedule or school bill that proves your full-time student status (minimum 12 hour course load for undergraduates, or a minimum 9 hour course load or equivalent for graduate students)

If you are unable to attend the entire event, but still wish to participate in Festival, CMA offers Saturday passes (seen below). This enables entry on Saturday morning until Sunday when the gates close. You must be a current CMA Member to purchase this ticket. By registering for a Saturday Pass, you will be unable to enter the festival grounds prior to Saturday morning check-in.


Saturday Passes





Wednesday Early Entry





Merchant/Vending Requirements & Registration

Interested in bringing your shop and wares out to festival?  After you've registered for your festival ticket above, complete the form below to register to vend during the event. 

Please Note:

• Vendors must be a current CMA Member in good standing.
• All vendors must also purchase a ticket to the festival they wish to vend at.
• Vendors are not required to fulfill CMA Community Service, but are welcomed to participate (see CMA One during Festival).
• One vendor and up to two helpers (see requirements above) are invited to arrive Wednesday during early entry hours in order to set up shop.
• There is a suggested donation of a shop item to the CMA Raffle Contest, which raises funds for CMA projects and improvements.

After you have completed your registration, please contact  The CMA Vendor Representative will provide additional details regarding vending at the event.  Failure to contact the Vendor Representative will result in a delay during set up.



Ticket Buyer Information


- -


The ticket office will contact you regarding arrangements for payment.


Billing Information

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Terms & Conditions

By purchase of this ticket(s), I agree to follow and abide by The Council of Magickal Arts Inc (CMA) policies. I understand camping at CMA Spirit Haven Ranch (9706 Anchor Ranch Loop Rd, Fayette County, Texas) is primitive camping. There are no public showers available and power is limited to member-leased campsites. Water on the ranch is limited and is not potable by State of Texas standards. Sanitation is by portable toilets. This is a rural area and is inhabited by animals considered wild (including, but not limited to, wild boar, coyote, snakes, scorpions, spiders, and cattle). I understand that I am attending at my own risk.

Spirit Haven Ranch and CMA have a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding illegal substances of any kind.
Spirit Haven Ranch and CMA have a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment or bullying of any kind. NO means NO, STOP means STOP.
Spirit Haven Ranch and CMA have a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding illegal activities of any kind.
Anyone who violates any of these policies may be escorted off CMA property at the behest of the CMA Board of Directors.

NO FIREARMS are permitted on CMA/Spirit Haven Ranch property without the express permission of the Board of Directors of CMA. Attendees who are a Law Enforcement Officer or who hold a license to carry in Texas must contact the Board before bringing a firearm on property belonging to CMA. Spirit Haven Ranch is a PRIVATELY-owned property, and weapons are expressly forbidden without CMA Board approval.

Persons entering the event without a ticket are trespassing and will be turned over to the Fayette County Sheriff or Texas Department of Pubic Safety.

Tickets are REQUIRED for entry! We can supply a duplicate if you lose our ticket BEFORE arrival.

Attendees WILL NOT be admitted to the event without a printed ticket OR an electronic copy on a smartphone. Members who arrive without either form may request to print a duplicate ticket at the gate; this will likely delay entry. Gate entry times are listed on the tickets and the CMA website. On arrival, attendees will also be required to sign an "Informed Consent" document to be admitted, and I agree to this caveat upon purchase of the event ticket(s). The Informed Consent document is available for review on the CMA website, at the Spirit Haven Ranch gate, and can be requested by email from the ticket office.

CMA will issue refunds for ticket purchases for any reason until the registration and ticketing window closes. Partial refunds or the transfer of tickets to the next event may be arranged through the close of the event. Refunds for exceptional circumstances will be based on a super-majority of vote of approval by the Board of Directors. Tickets will be refunded if CMA cancels the event due to weather or fire danger.

I, the undersigned, agree to the terms above:

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